Kids in bluebells

Four photoshoots with kids within 24 hours is no mean feat, especially with a dodgy back (sciatica)…but I wasn’t going to miss it for another year, come what may!!! I’m still recovering btw! 🙂 Will have my second physiotherapy session tonight, I am hoping to recover 100% very soon but I’m told it’s a long process… It is what it is, self-inflicted wounds so I am not after your sympathy – I deserve every bit of it LOL!

Three of my favourites from the shoots


This lovely angel was an utter joy to photograph!

The youngest of the kids, Elyse who had just turned 2

Jack, give mummy a kiss….


Jack’s signature pose


Got her smiling!!! Cheeky little monkey 🙂


Behind the scenes, parents frantically blowing bubbles, Pat working with reflector to lighten up the kids faces and kids getting bored with it all!



Trying to catch bubbles…


My assistant Pat who is very camera shy…

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