Copyright infringement left right and center

I thought I’d write about this as I’ve taken things into my own hands… Just for fun I did a  Google image search for my Bluebells picture and low and behold, PAGES of search results of various websites using my image without my consent! What do I do?? Well, I’ve left it last time I googled it but this time I’ve found a lot more than I bargained for: my copyright notice and signature has actually been removed and THAT’S the image which is spreading like a wildfire!!! You can have a look at them all here
I wouldn’t mind so much if my signature was still in place but no! What would you do? Replies in comments below are most welcome and appreciated! I’d like to find the culprit but I doubt I will…

So the best one I found was a game called “The Flower seeker” where the first slide of the game uses my bluebells image as a background, albeit with somewhat muted tones…so I can now call it ‘my game’!

If you are interested what my original image was like, you will find it on my Flickr page

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