Kids in bluebells

Four photoshoots with kids within 24 hours is no mean feat, especially with a dodgy back (sciatica)…but I wasn’t going to miss it for another year, come what may!!! I’m still recovering btw! 🙂 Will have my second physiotherapy session tonight, I am hoping to recover 100% very soon but I’m told it’s a long process… It is what it is, self-inflicted wounds so I am not after your sympathy – I deserve every bit of it LOL!            

Portrait Photo Art

NEW SERVICE! The double exposure idea has been around for a long time, I remember doing it accidentally with film cameras when I forgot to wind it forward…the outcome could be great or disastrous! These days, with digital its much easier to judge the outcome as I can look at the results instantly and decide whether to take another one or not. What I love about double exposure is creating that magic which always has that element of surprise to it. You can never quite predict the outcome. And whilst it is magical and much more creative way for me as a photographer to create something unique, it’s also much more fun for the client! With multiple exposure photography you can choose your favourite subjects and items, people, family, pets, friends etc etc etc. to overlay people’s portraits or to include those into the final collage. You may want to include your lost family member or a pet or someone who lives abroad and cannot attend an event.  You can now add them seamlessly as though they were there in the first place! Sounds good? If so, maybe you have a bunch of photos in your draw somewhere waiting to be turned […]