For week three I was sketching, mainly my new Lomps characters (head over to www.lomps.co.uk if you’d like to know who Lomps is).  If you are on Facebook, you can find Lomps there too: www.facebook.com/Lomps.  Day 15 “Mummy look, I’m all grown up!” Click on the images to view larger pictures To be frank, I needed (and I still do!) to take time to create new Lomps characters as I was getting so desperate to get them out of my head and heart to the actual paper so that others could see them too! It might sound a bit weird but I’ve developed quite a deep bond with him over the years since he was first born around 2006! I’ve wanted to get to know him more ever since and this time has enabled me this valuable session where I can see him and his friends develop to real characters rather than just a fiction in my head. So welcome to my journey of discovery – Lomps and his friends!  Day 16 “Lomps character Lizette, the Afghan Hound” Wow, what a beautiful specimen of dogs that breed is! I totally fell in love with it as I was drawing her! I already have a finished picture […]