Sculpture Park Farnham

Had a fab opportunity to visit this amazing place last week. At first I wasn’t convinced about travelling an hour to see some ‘random’ sculpture park BUT I couldn’t have been more wrong!!! This place was incredible! The pieces of sculpture were scattered around this small piece of ancient woodland, every piece of sculpture looked like part of the landscape, making this place look totally surreal! I would TOTALLY recommend this place!!! Oh and if you are a photographer, forget the 2 hours they recommend to get around and double that! I could have spent 2 days in there…! I used my¬†Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM again for all these shots, mainly at 1.2 as I love the look of it (shallow depth of field) so much!!!

Kids in bluebells

Four photoshoots with kids within 24 hours is no mean feat, especially with a dodgy back (sciatica)…but I wasn’t going to miss it for another year, come what may!!! I’m still recovering btw! ūüôā Will have my second physiotherapy session tonight, I am hoping to recover 100% very soon but I’m told it’s a long process… It is what it is, self-inflicted wounds so I am not after your sympathy – I deserve every bit of it LOL!            


For week three I was¬†sketching, mainly my new Lomps characters (head over to if you’d like to know who Lomps is). ¬†If you are on Facebook, you can find Lomps there too: ¬†Day¬†15 “Mummy look, I’m all grown up!” Click on the images to view larger pictures To be frank, I needed (and I still do!) to take time to create new Lomps characters as I was getting so desperate to get them out of my head and heart to the actual paper so that others could see them too! It might sound a bit weird¬†but I’ve developed quite a deep bond with him over the years since he was first born around¬†2006! I’ve wanted to get to know him more ever since and this time has enabled me this valuable session¬†where I can see him and his friends develop to real characters rather than just a fiction in my head. So welcome to my journey of discovery – Lomps and his friends! ¬†Day¬†16 “Lomps character Lizette, the Afghan Hound” Wow, what a beautiful specimen of dogs that breed is! I totally fell in love with it as I was drawing her! I already have a finished picture […]


As the week 2 began, the days were¬†getting longer! YEEEY! And with this happy bit of trivia, I was¬†be introducing more colour to my images! For week 2¬†I was¬†posting snowy scenes in the absence of it in the UK! PS. All the original images used can be found here ¬†Day¬†8 “Sheep in the snow” Click on the images to view larger pictures I’d like to say that my inspiration for this picture came from the Christmas Carol “While shepherd watched their flocks by night…” but that was not the case! I simply stumbled across this folder called ‘My walks’ and these were the first images in the folder! I’ve been waiting for a chance to edit these misty sheep pictures I took a few years ago! I used 20 layers to make this image up, mainly consisting of various slightly coloured misty patches, hue and saturation layer masks, pale yellow light areas in the sky and the Nik collection light leaks. That’s it! The jury is out on whether I needed to leave that post on the left hand side or not… See the pictures I’ve¬†used in this image ¬†Day¬†9 “Walk on the beach” For this image once again, I […]

week 1 of my 365 Creative Challenge

I’ve been considering doing my 365 challenge for quite a long time now and finally I felt the right time has come! So here goes… The theme I chose for the very first week is something I love very much: wet plate look/technique.¬†For all the below images I’ve used the help of Google’s Nik Collection Analog Efex pro 2, to achieve this old ‘weathered’ look. It also occurred to me afterwards that it’s the perfect look for the time of year: dark, somber, sad etc. From the next week days are going to get longer, hence I decided to¬†introduce more colour ¬†(hope, happiness etc.) into my images. Stay tuned and wish me luck! ūüôā PS. All the original images used can be found here ¬†Day 1 “2 worlds held together by a piece of string” Click on the images to view larger pictures A page from my visual diary. Original drawing from 9 March 2010. Somewhat prophetic illustration as just a few months later I got divorced… The picture illustrates how sometimes people drift apart and all that’s left is something very small,¬†until that’s broken as well, there’s nothing left for those two to hang on as a couple. I’ve […]

I’ve done it: Kerto Koppel-Catlin, LRPS

Well, as the title says, I am chuffed to bits to have achieved the Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society!!! ūüôā And this was the email I received yesterday: “I am delighted to inform you that your Licentiate recommendation has now been ratified by Council. Please find the attached LRPS Emblems which you are entitled to use on stationery, business cards and websites. The Royal Photographic Society’s Distinctions are recognised as measures of achievement throughout the world and you should be recognised and congratulated on your work.” My panel images:     

Spurn Point and a FREE Camera RAW preset…

On 30th December 2014, I visited a delightful place called Spurn Point where I had 3.5 hours of wonderful time with me, my camera, the¬†sea and the sunset! I took over 400 photos which I will not upload here, only a few of the best maybe… But the real reason for this post is to share a little preset with you which worked wonders for me! Below is an image which I discarded to start off with and then I decided to spend a few minutes to go through my camera RAW presets and one of them worked wonders! Well, I do realise not everyone prefers duotoned images but that’s just me…So, delighted with the result¬†I decided to share this nugget with you! (scroll down for a download link) My original discarded image looked like this:   And my one-click-wonder turned it into this:   I have zipped this preset for you and you can download it for free:¬† In case you are not familiar with installing presets, you might find this link helpful. And that’s it folks, short but sweet… ūüôā Enjoy some images from that wonderful evening below:                     […]

West Green House & Gardens

Date: Satuday, 31 May 2014 Place:¬†West Green House and gardens I have found a paradise, I thought…it can’t get any better than this!!! Well, could have been¬†bit more sunny but I think I’ve managed to fix that by photoshopping the sun in the pictures… To¬†view the unedited versions of all these images, and get a bit more insight of how I’ve achieved the finished results please have a look at the ‘Afternoon in Paradise’ page.  

Old Fountain Cottage

Old fountain cottage