As the week 2 began, the days were getting longer! YEEEY! And with this happy bit of trivia, I was be introducing more colour to my images! For week 2 I was posting snowy scenes in the absence of it in the UK! PS. All the original images used can be found here  Day 8 “Sheep in the snow” Click on the images to view larger pictures I’d like to say that my inspiration for this picture came from the Christmas Carol “While shepherd watched their flocks by night…” but that was not the case! I simply stumbled across this folder called ‘My walks’ and these were the first images in the folder! I’ve been waiting for a chance to edit these misty sheep pictures I took a few years ago! I used 20 layers to make this image up, mainly consisting of various slightly coloured misty patches, hue and saturation layer masks, pale yellow light areas in the sky and the Nik collection light leaks. That’s it! The jury is out on whether I needed to leave that post on the left hand side or not… See the pictures I’ve used in this image  Day 9 “Walk on the beach” For this image once again, I […]

RPS (Royal Photographic Society)

As you might have guessed from the title, I have recently joined the Royal Photographic Society. For some reason I’ve never entered any proper photographic print competitions, so I figured it’s about time I did… So for the next few months I will be spending some time on carefully selecting a body of images which would stand up to the scrutiny of the RPS judges! To make the progress a bit easier for myself, I have also joined WEBCC (Wokingham and East Berkshire Camera Club) to gain some practice and valuable insight into judging criteria. If all goes well (and I don’t get distracted by a lot of work) I will be trying for LRPS distinction very soon but before that I need to take part in an assessment day which will help me understand what the judges are looking for in images etc. So wish me luck! 🙂

West Green House & Gardens

Date: Satuday, 31 May 2014 Place: West Green House and gardens I have found a paradise, I thought…it can’t get any better than this!!! Well, could have been bit more sunny but I think I’ve managed to fix that by photoshopping the sun in the pictures… To view the unedited versions of all these images, and get a bit more insight of how I’ve achieved the finished results please have a look at the ‘Afternoon in Paradise’ page.  

Photos on Getty Images

Today I am happy to announce that 12 of my new images have been approved by Getty images and are now available    I have been asked “What criteria did you have to match to become a contributor on Getty Images?” My answer is this: I think I was in the right place at the right time! Getty Images approached me about a year ago to submit a few images I displayed on Flickr. I have moved on from there and I am contributing straight from Getty Images now but every image will still go through QC process to make sure every image is for for purpose etc.