For week three I was sketching, mainly my new Lomps characters (head over to www.lomps.co.uk if you’d like to know who Lomps is).  If you are on Facebook, you can find Lomps there too: www.facebook.com/Lomps.

 Day 15

“Mummy look, I’m all grown up!”

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To be frank, I needed (and I still do!) to take time to create new Lomps characters as I was getting so desperate to get them out of my head and heart to the actual paper so that others could see them too! It might sound a bit weird but I’ve developed quite a deep bond with him over the years since he was first born around 2006! I’ve wanted to get to know him more ever since and this time has enabled me this valuable session where I can see him and his friends develop to real characters rather than just a fiction in my head. So welcome to my journey of discovery – Lomps and his friends!

 Day 16

“Lomps character Lizette, the Afghan Hound”

Wow, what a beautiful specimen of dogs that breed is! I totally fell in love with it as I was drawing her! I already have a finished picture in mind… This was actually harder to create than I expected as I had to re-create her nose in a way it would still look an afghan but at the same time be instantly recognizable as one of the Lomps characters. Do you think I’ve achieved this?

 Day 17

“Sophia the Siamese cat”


This year’s send-off came from my new little Lomps character, Sophia – gosh she can be a drama queen but that’s a totally different story…for 2016 perhaps! So the last day of the year also marked my very first day being able to draw this little girl from my brand new studio! Hope you fall in love with her the way I have!

 Day 18

“Goose Margaret”


My new Lomps character goose Margaret was very eager to introduce herself on the first day of 2016! I had no objections but she was struggling to type so I helped her out! This must have been the quickest character creation ever – only 70 minutes or so from the start to finish! I already had the exact image in my head before I started and I didn’t have to make many alterations to fit her into my Lomps look (she disagrees by the way…!). I was going to give her goslings as well but the way she turned out she doesn’t look as though she’s a mother….would you agree? I might be wrong!

 Day 19

“Tea for Two”


It was now time to introduce some Lomps characters apart from animals… This image of 2 ladies having an afternoon tea has been in my head for over 6 months (why does it take so long to put them on a paper I wonder!??!) so the time had come! But who’s joining auntie Mary for tea? The answer came on the following day. I knew before I started that I wouldn’t be able to finish the whole picture in one day (the challenge is to create something each day, whether finished or not…). I hoped to finish it on 3rd day which was the end of my week 3 challenge but didn’t quite manage as the detail required on such small scale meant that I found myself rubbing the drawing out more than I wanted…

 Day 20

“Tea for Two” second installment


So who was joining auntie Mary? Auntie Edith of course! She’d just got back from a cruise to Bahamas and is itching to tell auntie Mary all about it. I will be adding a little background story with each image and character to give more context and introduce them in a bit more detail. I think it adds an extra dimension and helps you, the viewer understand more about the life of these creatures…

 Day 21

“Tea for Two” third installment


The last of the “Tea for Two” for this week. A bit more drawing is still to be done, next time I’ll use bigger paper than A3 as drawing hands in miniature scale (1cm in total length) doesn’t really allow for much accuracy in shading. So the next time you’ll see this image, it’ll be a finished ie fully coloured article! For week 4 I’ll be creating coloured Lomps pictures with my new characters. Exited dot com!!!

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