As the week 2 began, the days were getting longer! YEEEY! And with this happy bit of trivia, I was be introducing more colour to my images! For week 2 I was posting snowy scenes in the absence of it in the UK!
PS. All the original images used can be found here View images used

 Day 8

“Sheep in the snow”
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I’d like to say that my inspiration for this picture came from the Christmas Carol “While shepherd watched their flocks by night…” but that was not the case! I simply stumbled across this folder called ‘My walks’ and these were the first images in the folder! I’ve been waiting for a chance to edit these misty sheep pictures I took a few years ago! I used 20 layers to make this image up, mainly consisting of various slightly coloured misty patches, hue and saturation layer masks, pale yellow light areas in the sky and the Nik collection light leaks. That’s it! The jury is out on whether I needed to leave that post on the left hand side or not… See the pictures I’ve used in this image

 Day 9

“Walk on the beach”


For this image once again, I used a couple of my oil paintings as a texture to introduce snow to the image. The original image of the walkers was taken on a very bracing day in December 2014 on Skegness beach. More than half of my 17 layers consisted of a different layer masks over the previous image. My aim here was to introduce more colour and drama to the picture. At the last minute I decided it was lacking something and so put some windmills at the background to give it more of a realistic feeling. Problem with these 1 a day artworks is that I don’t get weeks and months to mull over an image, so I will probably look at it again not in a very distant future and decide something needs changing… oh well, at least I’ve got something to start with!
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 Day 10

“Daisies in snow”


A slightly different and vaguely surreal image this time. I found this unfinished oil painting I started a few years ago and saw potential in it – would make a perfect base for something snowy and wintry! Then I came across another image of a beautiful daisy field, bingo – that’d make an interesting picture! Having done another screenshot of the layers I used to make up this picture, I’ve learnt something about myself – I tend to not name my layers unless it gets out of hand ie I’m using 30+ of them. Probably wise – saves me valuable time! Oh, and for the snow effect I used several layers of white soft brush dots, setting the opacity, size and scattering to randomly distribute the dots over the image…duplicated, flipped horizontally/vertically, changed the opacity etc etc etc. til I was happy withe finished result. Having said that, I don’t actually know when all these 365 challenge images are finished as a few minutes -hours doesn’t really give me time to mull over them long enough to decide if they are good or not… oh well! See images used

 Day 11

“Holy Night”


Did you know that a full moon appeared in the Christmas sky in 2015, for the first time in 38 years? Ie. there won’t be another full moon on Christmas Day until 2034!
So here’s another snowy winter image to try and make up for the lack of it in UK this winter! I miss white Christmas…  To make this image I used another one of my watercolour paintings I did for a Christmas card design a few years ago. Haven’t done a lot with this one, just tweaked the levels a bit, used one of my full moon images to overlay the painted moon, add a star and snow. For those who are interested, my workflow layers can be seen here.

 Day 12



This took surprisingly long time to do and I’m still not 100% happy with it but I think I’ve pretty much achieved what I wanted. I was going trough my winter and snow images once again and found one where it was really snowing, so I haven’t added any extra snow to this. Just 2 images were used, second one was my oil painting, just used the moon from that one… BTW my use of full moon images yesterday and this morning was not intentional, funny enough both days I picked the moon images before I realised, oh yes it’s full moon! Weird or what!? See images used

 Day 13

“Pheasant crossing”


I couldn’t think of a better title, if you can, I’d love to hear from you! A bit of a surreal one again today, and the scale of things is intentional ie if the Pheasant was any smaller he wouldn’t stand out enough etc. I used one of my oil paintings as a starting point for this and then, added birds, the bench etc. later. Overlayed some snow and darkened the whole thing to add a bit more drama etc. Next week I’ll be doing some sketching, simply because I won’t have access to my pc for a couple of days so had to come up with an alternative!
And here are the images used to make up this one

 Day 14



Sometimes you just run out of time and this was one of those times… I started off with another one of my watercolour paintings which I then ovelayed with 3 of my photos: bridge by lake Tamula in Võru (my hometown), some random birds and a view of South Downs (how we got there could make an adventure novel in itself!). So, here we go, the last image of the week 2, tomorrow marks the day of my ‘sketch week’. Please note that none of my images I post are actually finished products as I take anywhere in between days and weeks to finish an image which I consider ready for ‘sale’ as it were so I know they all have their faults and imperfections… The point of my challenge is that I do something each day, whether it’s finished, it’s actually not the purpose of this exercise.
Once again, images used can be found here.

And here’s the end of the second week.
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