week 1 of my 365 Creative Challenge

I’ve been considering doing my 365 challenge for quite a long time now and finally I felt the right time has come! So here goes…

The theme I chose for the very first week is something I love very much: wet plate look/technique. For all the below images I’ve used the help of Google’s Nik Collection Analog Efex pro 2, to achieve this old ‘weathered’ look.
It also occurred to me afterwards that it’s the perfect look for the time of year: dark, somber, sad etc. From the next week days are going to get longer, hence I decided to introduce more colour  (hope, happiness etc.) into my images. Stay tuned and wish me luck! 🙂
PS. All the original images used can be found here View images used

 Day 1

“2 worlds held together by a piece of string”
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A page from my visual diary. Original drawing from 9 March 2010. Somewhat prophetic illustration as just a few months later I got divorced…
The picture illustrates how sometimes people drift apart and all that’s left is something very small, until that’s broken as well, there’s nothing left for those two to hang on as a couple.
I’ve re-worked the original drawing to create something more interesting.

 Day 2



To continue in my old wet plate style, I have experimented the same technique on living creatures as well. The original photograph was taken in my back garden, lying flat on my stomach, chasing her around… then, suddenly she froze – she saw something! This was the moment I had been waiting for over an hour! It gave me the opportunity to frame the shot, choose the focal point and the appropriate DOF. Bingo! This image has also featured in my LRPS panel.

 Day 3

“Pulling the bird II”


I tried to achieve the same old-fashioned wet plate look using various photographs and artworks I’ve created over the years. For the foreground, I used an image of Chris I took on our walk in Henley last winter… He was walking towards the sunset, the evening light was simply beautiful…But all that was irrelevant as I only needed the foreground from it! Quite a few of my paintings were used to make this one up. I will return to do another one of this soon as 2 hours was nowhere near enough what I would like to spend on this kind of image… 82 layers was used to create this image as is 🙂

 Day 4

“Meager trail II”


I had this idea to combine 2 images, one of my original pen and ink drawings and a picture I’d taken in Finchampsted ridges last winter. Both had similar features ie. tall birch trees and lots of texture on the ground. The effect was achieved by a simple 70% overlay of the birch wood image over the painting. I used only 5 layers in this image, unlike some of my other more detailed images where I can go as high as 500 layers!

 Day 5

“Anne & Marii”


Continuing in my wetplate technique, I wanted to find a modern natural image with people in it to show this technique in all types of photos.
Again to achieve the look, the Nik Collection Analog Efex Pro 2 was used. Original image was taken by my mum and can be seen here: View images used

 Day 6



I had an idea in my mind to do something with weather as it’s been so warm (+16 on 19 December!). We’d been visiting Bucklebery farm a couple of months ago to see deer rut (I’d hardly edited any of the images from that outing!), so I thought I have a few of my paintings with snow…see whether I can make that work: deer in the snow in wet plate technique. About 17 layers later I decided to stop 🙂

 Day 7

“Union Jack”


To finish off the wet plate week one, I chose to give my beloved union jack t-shirt design a face-lift. It occurred to me last night that, I have chosen this dark murky and drab looking style to perfectly illustrate the time of a year! Just a few days from now the days will start to get lighter and for that purpose, for week 2 I have chosen snowy scenes with added colour…

And here’s the end of week 1.
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